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ISFA Members Receive NO FREIGHT CHARGES on V-Groove Tape (VGT series)

See the table below for some examples of the savings you could receive: 

Order Amount Shipping Location Savings
$1,175 Florida $90
$392 Ohio $27
$241 California $41


The evolution of V-Groove Tape (VGT Series) began with an inquiry at IWF in Atlanta in 2004. The “Product of Choice”, at that time, was 3M #355, but, as usual, it was expensive and non-standard sizes were difficult to find. Today All*Star offers six different adhesive coated rolls of tape for the fabricators of materials which are processed by mitre-folding.

Here are the products used by Fabricators of Solid Surface sheet. There are three primary products, although others are available for applications with unique requirements:

  • VAC has an extra thick Polyester film backing which will not s-t-r-e-t-c-h. The high tensile strength film does not allow an epoxy or viscous adhesive to bleed through the mitre joint and mar the finished side of the Acrylic Solid Surface sheet. The adhesive coating on the clear film is extremely aggressive and will not slide or shift while holding a true definition for the mitre-fold joint. The physical characteristics of the VAC Series compare favorably in every way to 3M's #355 (Paklon / Trade Mark) Film. All*Star does, however, offer a greater variety of stocked widths for SS fabricators.

  • VKP uses a similar n-o-n s-t-r-e-t-c-h film backing, as the above. However, the Ivory colored substrate employs a (totally) different pressure sensitive coating. Once again a tight definition is maintained on the finished edge of the mitre-fold joint. The adhesive, while tacky and aggressive, allows a KLEAN PEAL assuring NO ADHESIVE RESIDUE left on the finished side of the Solid Surface when the tape is removed. We are not aware of a 3M suggested equivalent to this product.

  • VBP has replaced the need for “super wide tapes” used during coving fabrications. The unfinished side of all Solid Surface sheets is far more difficult for tape to adhere to when compared to the smooth and glossy “finished side” outlined above. This high tensile strength backing has the ability to conform to the mogul-like surfaces and the extra heavy adhesive coat weight assures bonding to the textured backside of any Solid Surface sheet.

All of the above items are available in both Hand Held and Machine Grade length rolls. Standard widths are 2" and 3", but custom widths can be cut and shipped within 3 days.

To receive a quote for products and sizes used by your company for V Grooving and/or Coving applications, contact John Murphy, President, at [email protected]