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History of ISFA

Prior to 1996, Solid Surface fabricators were extremely insular within their businesses. They worked with customers and manufacturers but were very guarded when it came to relationships with other fabrication businesses.

In September 1996, that began to change. A group of 5 fabrication shop owners met informally with the publishers of SolidSurface magazine and formed the Solid Surface Advisory Board. Ultimately, this group reached out to a broader group of business owners to see if a united industry was possible and viable. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

In 1997, this small group formed the International Solid Surface Fabricators Association (ISSFA). The Association’s main emphasis was on education, promotion, improving industry standards, cooperation with suppliers, sharing experiences and uniting for the common benefit of the industry. These member benefits are still the cornerstone of the Association today.

Shortly after ISSFA was formed, membership rapidly grew to 250 businesses. Then, the founding members created a trade show exclusively for solid surface fabricators. It was wildly successful being attended by 1700 and by 2003, it was evident that this association was to become a force in the industry.

By 2004, the Association matured and a professional staff was put in place to expand offerings to members and by 2006, fabricators of quartz products were welcomed into the organization. Although controversial at the time, ISSFA members recognized that they needed to embrace a changing industry and many began to fabricate quartz as well.

In 2007, there were over 1000 fabricators who were members of ISSFA and programs ranged from Solid Surface and Quartz Fabrication Training to numerous educational sessions.

In 2008, the Board of Directors voted to change the organization’s name to the International Surface Fabricator’s Association (ISFA) to fully embrace the wide range of surfacing products available in the market.

Currently, ISFA is globally recognized as a premier trade organization whose members benefit from networking with other industry professionals, programs to enhance their business performance, both group and onsite fabrication training and other offerings that differentiate them in the marketplace.