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Why Join ISFA?

ISFA provides exclusive expertise — and drives progress — across the entire decorative surfacing industry. We help our members navigate:

  • Workplace safety measures including crystalline silica risk mitigation, material handling and more
  • Sustainable practices including water treatment, waste management, material recycling, energy consumption and more
  • Material specifications, standards and fabrication best practices across solid surface, quartz, mineral surfaces and others
  • Leadership and development strategies for businesses of any size or scope
  • Progress and innovation of new materials, tooling and production processes

Through workshops, training sessions, educational events, informative materials and more, ISFA members gain unparalleled access to exclusive insights and premier opportunities for networking and collaboration. 

With ISFA, you can get:

  • Guidance and direct conversation with industry experts
  • A seat at the table and a voice to be heard to influence and build consensus on issues important to your business
  • Opportunities to learn and share best practices at facility tours, workshops, webinars and conferences that address critical industry issues
  • Certified fabrication training including hands-on and classroom coursework, customizable for your needs
  • Connection to a powerful network of peers and leaders, a one-stop shop to address your questions and challenges

"ISFA is a great value, and it has helped me grow my business in more ways than one. The educational opportunities and events are a great way to glean market insights and network with other industry professionals. The fabricator shop tours are a wealth of information. I would recommend any shop, large or small, join ISFA."
Brian TwardowskiWhite House StoneLake Park, Fla.

Our members are fabricators, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, architects, designers, contractors and others who are engaged and driven to further promote the decorative surfacing industry. We represent thousands of fabrication companies and industry-related brands with a mission to promote manufactured surfaces and support the fabricators who work with these materials. 

The Bottom Line: your membership is an investment in your company's future, and ISFA will support your business in more ways than one.

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