ISFA Awards

Each year, ISFA sets out to recognize members that are outstanding in the industry through the presentation of five awards.  

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Associate of the Year Award
This award is presented to the associate member company that in the past year has best exemplified the role of servicing the needs of fabricator member companies, and who has best supported ISFA in all activities.

Year Awarded Recipient
2017 Spectrum Quartz/Hirsch Glass
2016 Moraware 
2015 Colt Industries

Innovator Award
The ISFA Innovator Award is for the fabricator member firm or individual who goes outside the box and creates a product or system that enhances the life of the fabricator

Year Awarded Recipient
2018 Crea Diffusion
2017 Russ Berry (ASST)
2016 ArtCor
2015 ASST

Envision Award

The ISFA Envision Award is awarded to the supplier or manufacturer member that excels in creating something imaginative and special for the surfacing industry. 

Year Awarded Recipient
2018 Park Industries
2017 BACA Systems
2016 Cosentino - Dekton
2015 Cosentino

Fabricator of the Year

The ISFA Fabricator of the Year is awarded to an individual of a fabricator member company that in the past year has best exemplified the ISFA ideals of quality, innovation, character and exemplary service to ISFA and/or the decorative surfacing industry, with overall excellence. 

Year Awarded Recipient
2018 ROCKin'teriors
2016 Gecko Solid Surface Solutions
2015 Advanced Surfaces

ISFA Hall of Fame
The ISFA Hall of Fame Award is awarded to the individual who has, in the course of his/her career, made significant contributions to the decorative surfacing industry, and has demonstrated leadership and commitment to the ideals of ISFA. 

Year Awarded
  Year Awarded
Mike Duggan
Richard Christ
2017  Kevin Cole   2009 Gil Ross & Marvin Wernick
2016 Jon Olson   2008

Hilary Converse
Ted & Miriam Benyovits

2015 John Forst   2007 Joanna Duggan
2014 Mike Nolan   2006 Don Slocum
2013     2005 John Forst
2012 Jack Hussey   2004  
2011 Todd Werstler   2003 Tom Pinske


Lifetime Members
These are people whose contributions to ISFA and the Industry over the years cannot be measured and have been awarded Lifetime Member Status.

William Barton
Joanna Duggan
Chuck Sawyer

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