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ISFA hosts webinars and workshops on a regular basis that create educational opportunities for our membership. The content is curated to meet the needs of today's professionals across a wide array of topics including sales, marketing, business development, fabrication techniques and best practices, tooling, software and technology, and more. Led by industry experts and thought leaders, these webinars are designed to help fabricators and professionals learn valuable insights, new techniques and other information that helps them excel in their businesses.

In addition to webinars, ISFA offers workshops which are short, discussion-based, interactive sessions among those in the industry. Get your questions answered and dive deeper into webinar topics by attending our expert-led workshops. 



December 5 


Core Fabrication Techniques for Corian® Solid Surface

In this webinar, learn foundational fabrication techniques with Corian® Solid Surface including tooling, seaming, aesthetics, finishing, and repair techniques.





Do you need to train your salespeople in the art of selling specifically for the surface fabrication business? Are you struggling to find the time to provide the comprehensive training necessary to develop your team's skills? Join Justin Shaw from Stone Fabricator Elite for this eight-part webinar series that can help you navigate the sales process more efficiently, engage better with potential customers and close more deals. 

December 6, 2023

2 p.m. ET

Part Eight: Creating Raving Fans & Loyal Customers with Gratitude Campaigns

In the final session of our sales clinic, we will share the concept of gratitude campaigns and how they can be used to cultivate loyal customers and raving fans.

You’ll learn:
- What are gratitude campaigns and why they matter
- How to create a gratitude campaign that resonates with your customers
- Examples of gratitude campaigns from top fabricators


Missed a previous webinar in this series? 

Click below to watch a previous episode in the Sales Rep Clinic series.

April 5, 2023

Part One: The Five-Step Sales Process Your Shop Needs

With this training, you will learn how to navigate the sales process more efficiently, engage with potential customers, and close more deals.

You’ll also learn how to:
- Qualify prospects quickly
- Lead and guide the sale
- Create the criteria to close
- Present price/quotes effectively
- Stand firm on price and close on value
- Expedite getting contracts signed and deposits
- Apply the method to both B2C/B2B sales

May 3, 2023

Part Two: High-Performance Daily Sales Routine

Statistically, salespeople spend as little as 20% of their time actually selling. Take control of your day and improve your sales performance.

In this sales clinic, we will breakdown a simple daily sales routine that includes:
- Daily Open & Close
- Task Checklist
- Time Blocking
- Sales Sprints

June 7, 2023

Part Three: 3 Tips For Presenting Price & Sending Quotes

In this sales clinic, we will share three valuable tips for effectively presenting prices and sending quotes to achieve higher win rate and receive less push back on price.

We will cover:
- How to anchor price with value
- Avoid presenting price in a vacuum
- Sending quotes through an automated sequence

August 2, 2023

Part Four: Improve These 3 Things To Transform Your Sales

To close deals more quickly and easily, concentrate on elevating your game in these three essential areas:
- Response time
- Disqualify early
- Follow up and nurturing


September 6, 2023

Part Five: The Right Way To Do Discovery in Your Sales Process

Learn why the discovery stage of the sales process is the key to laying the foundation for an easier close.

- Quickly qualify/disqualify
- Identify ideal outcome
- Establish competitive advantage
- Make an agreement
- Create your criteria to close


October 4, 2023

2 p.m. ET

Part Six: Selling Identity Transformation vs. Countertops

In this edition of our sales clinic, you will learn a retail sales strategy that will help you close deals more easily and avoid competing on price!

You will learn:
- Why using this method gives you an advantage
- How to tap into your prospect's true desire
- How to avoid competing on price


November 1, 2023

2 p.m. ET

Part Seven: 3-Step Framework to Close Deals More Quickly & Easily

Join this sales clinic session and learn a framework to close deals more quickly.

We’ll also share tools to help you:
- Get contracts and documents signed faster
- And deposits captured


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