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ISFA Porcelain Fabrication Training

Porcelain Fabrication Training

The International Surface Fabricators Association's Porcelain Fabrication Training provides attendees with classroom instruction, demonstrations and hands-on fabrication training for this increasingly popular material, which is similar to ultra-compact and sintered materials.

SEPTEMBER 26-27, 2024

ISFA's Porcelain Fabrication Training enables fabricators to develop practical skills and techniques they will encounter in real-world situations back at the shop. It fosters problem-solving abilities and critical thinking, helping attendees to face challenges and complete projects with a higher success rate by giving them the ability to troubleshoot and adapt — all best honed through practical experience.



Material Education - handling 4-Rey in shop Panoramic porcelain surface

Conducted by porcelain fabrication experts, this two-day course is designed to arm fabricators with the knowledge and fabrication skills they need to embrace these popular materials and meet the demands and desires of customers. The training will help alleviate any fabrication challenges by learning best practices for perfect results.

Specific education on these materials will enable fabricators to demonstrate to their customers that they are experts on these materials at every sales opportunity. The training is held at convenient and centralized locations at long-time ISFA member facilities with experience in fabricating all surfaces. 

Classroom Sessions: Overview of Materials & Tooling
In the classroom portion of the training session, learn about:

  • Material overview and differentiation between porcelain, ultra-compact and sintered stone.
  • Application by type, including vertical and horizontal for countertops, walls, floors, cladding and more.
  • General best practices for safety, receiving, storage, handling, machinery and tooling.
  • Mitigating challenges with these materials.
  • The growth trends of these materials in the marketplace.
Fabrication Training: Hands-On Practice & Project Completion

In the hands-on portion of the training session, learn about and practice:

Sink Edge-George Fleagle Atlantic Custom Marble and Granite
  • Material handling and inspection.
  • Cutting porcelain with a water jet and bridge saw.
    • Feed rates
    • Tension release cuts
    • Blade recommendations and blade sharpening
  • Countertop Fabrication.Boring faucet holes in porcelain countertop
    • Sink cutouts
    • L-shapes and corners
    • Overhangs
  • Miter cutting.
    • Seaming
  • Adhesives overview: interior and exterior.
  • Approved substrates.
  • Installation.
    • Countertops
    • Sinks
    • Showers
    • Fireplaces
  • Polishing and finishing.
  • Chip and scratch repair techniques.
  • Cleaning and maintenance.

ISFA's Porcelain Fabrication Training instills a deep understanding of safety protocols and best practices and promotes a strong work ethic and a sense of craftsmanship. The pride that comes from creating or repairing something tangible reinforces a commitment to quality and attention to detail, traits that are highly valued in our industry.

Our fabrication training programs not only equip individuals with the technical skills required for success in the trades but also cultivate a mindset of competence, adaptability and pride in one's work.

SEPTEMBER 26-27, 2024


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