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ISFA Fabricator Forums

ISFA's primary purpose is to provide education and networking opportunities in support of the decorative surfacing industry. Our Fabricator Forum events, previously known as Industry Roundtables, are powerful opportunities for fabricators to come together to network, discuss the latest industry innovations, learn business development techniques, and tour state-of-the-art design and fabrication facilities.

ISFA understands that networking is a crucial aspect for business owners as it plays a pivotal role in fostering growth, creating opportunities and building a strong support system.




2023 Fab Crawl GMD Surfaces Team welcomes ISFA

Discover New Opportunities: ISFA Fabricator Forums are a platform for business owners and operators to connect with potential clients, partners and collaborators. Through interactions at these events, members can identify new business opportunities, explore collaborations and discover potential markets.

Gain Knowledge and Insights: ISFA Fabricator Forums enable members to stay updated on industry trends, market insights and emerging technologies. Engaging with peers and industry professionals facilitates the exchange of knowledge, providing valuable insights that can help in making informed business decisions.

2023 Annual Conference Meeting

Build Relationships: Building and maintaining strong relationships is crucial for business success. ISFA Fabricator Forums help establish connections with like-minded individuals, mentors and advisors. These relationships can lead to valuable advice, support during challenging times and even potential business partnerships.

Leave a Lasting Impression: Effective networking at ISFA Fabricator Forums serves as a form of indirect marketing. By attending ISFA events and actively participating in these forums, members can enhance their brand visibility and reputation. Word-of-mouth referrals generated through networking can contribute significantly to a business's growth.

"ISFA Fabricator Forums are incredible opportunity to learn from fabricators around the world. Speaking with companies in our industry from Texas, Oregon, Canada, Mexico and beyond really broadened our perspective and generated a lot of ideas that we could take back with us to improve our business." — Will Schoellkopf, president of Goodall Distributors

Access Resources: ISFA Fabricator Forums provide access to a diverse range of resources, including funding opportunities, talent and business services. Contacts made through networking can introduce business owners to investors, potential employees or service providers, helping in overcoming various operational challenges.

ISFA’s mission is to further the decorative surface industry by providing meaningful resources, training opportunities and events that help fabricators connect and learn from one another,” added Marissa Bankert, executive director of ISFA. 

2023 Fab Crawl GMD Surfaces Shop.JPEG

Personal and Professional Development: Networking is a continuous learning process that allows business owners to enhance their skills, gain exposure to different perspectives and stay motivated. It provides a platform for personal and professional development through the exchange of ideas, experiences and feedback.

Learn to Adapt and Innovate: Connecting with a diverse range of individuals exposes ISFA members to different viewpoints and approaches. This diversity fosters adaptability and encourages innovation, as business owners and operators are exposed to new ideas and perspectives that can be applied to their businesses.

Take advantage of one of our upcoming events to learn about new materials, new fabrication techniques, business practice strategies and more while engaging in meaningful dialog with industry peers. 

Be a part of a robust network of fabricators and associate members and discover ways in which you can grow your business. 


August Fabricator Forum

September 2024 Fabricator Forum

If you have any questions or would like to suggest future event themes or discussion topics, please contact us.