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Unique Countertops Triples Production with “Life Changing” Machines

Hector and Yuri Franco, owners of Unique Countertops, located just outside of Austin, Texas, once thought CNC machinery was only for the “big shops”. Today, Unique Countertops has more than tripled its production with a third of its original labor. “Life changers,” is the only way Hector can describe what Park Industries machines have meant to his shop.

From Fabricator to Shop Owner

Hector Franco started out fabricating in a big shop right after high school. He fell in love with stone and thus began his lifelong career in the stone fabrication industry. Hector and Yuri opened their own shop, Unique Countertops, in 2010 using a timeless 1960 bridge saw and hand fabrication.

Service & Partnership Standout

In 2019, they grew to where Unique Countertops could add a new machine. They took their time deciding which machine, and which manufacturer, would help bring the business to the next level.

It came down to the FASTBACK II from Park Industries and a cheaper machine from a competing manufacturer. Hector wanted to make the best decision for his shop that would prove most beneficial in the long run. 

After conferring with a friend who had chosen the cheaper machine, Hector went with Park after hearing the poor experience his friend had with machine issues and lacking service.

ISFA Fabricator Profile: Porcetalia

Paul Nestor has been working in the construction industry for over 30 years. He got his start in the multifamily market and later transitioned to single-family projects. About seven years ago, having primarily worked with quartz and granite, Paul was introduced to porcelain slabs from Italian manufacturers. He studied the evolution and technology of porcelain, and it sparked an interest in sourcing large format porcelain slabs that can be used for flooring, accent walls, shower walls, countertops, backsplashes, exterior applications and so much more. In 2019, he founded Porcetalia, a large format porcelain slab business aimed at importing and distributing porcelain material as well as providing fabrication and installation services for both residential and commercial applications. 

Today, Porcetalia has grown to five fabricators working in their workshop and three sales representatives working in the office. They operate from two locations, both about an hour outside of Atlanta. The design center is in Suwanee, Georgia, while the workshop and warehouse are in nearby Cumming, Georgia. They serve the metro Atlanta area and a wide radius beyond, including Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Alabama.

The Porcetalia approach is unique in that they focus on one material source. The team only fabricates large format porcelain, and the material is exclusive to one Italian manufacturer. “Our business has a farm-to-table model,” explained Paul. “We directly import our slabs from Italy; we store them in our warehouse for fabrication. We have a dedicated team in-house to fabricate for our customers.”