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Women Who Rock

Women Who Rock (WWR) promotes and empowers a network of professional women by helping them set and achieve goals, create meaningful connections, and embrace opportunities to become industry leaders.

Women Who Rock

Our Goals

  • Provide connection for women in the surfacing industry through a female first leadership group.
  • Build a network of professional women who are eager to share and learn from one another.
  • Empower growth and development through engagement with members of diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • Support and provide a safe space to exchange ideas and knowledge.

What does it mean to be a member of Women Who Rock (WWR)?

Being a member of WWR is an acknowledgment and accolade of the increasingly important role that women play in the surfacing industry. Belonging to this group allows individual voices to collectively rise above the noise and elevate each other. It is dedicating yourself to starting a journey with a female-led group. WWR demands empathy, leadership, curiosity, and growth while empowering us to reach our goals, not only in our own business but as an organization. It provides a place where women can come together and share successes and failures in a safe place. It is a celebration of women who have a solid foundation in the surfacing industry. It is a love of craftsmanship. It is Women Who Rock.

As a member of WWR, you will participate in discussions and events centered around collaboration, development, and learning as part of an exclusive yet very personal leadership group.

While an inclusive group, membership is by application only. Application form is below.

Our Leadership

Meagan Hegland, Chair Emily Awaijane, Co-Chair Katherine Gifford, Pen Austin Messerman, Coin

Megan Hegland
Park Industries  

Emily Awaijane
Mercury Mosaics 

Katherine Gifford
Director of Pen

Austin Messerman
Director of Coin

Laura Grandlienard, Advisor Jessica McNaughton, Advisor
 Laura Grandlienard
Jessica McNaughton


Women Who Rock Membership Requirements

Women Who Rock members meet the following requirements:

  • Be in the surface fabrication, machinery, tooling, or stone supply industries.
  • Be an owner/co-owner, leader, or decision-maker.
  • Believe in and support the Women Who Rock purpose.

Women Who Rock Upcoming Events

More information to come!

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